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For the first ever product shoot, we searched for a warm hearted idealist who could not only wear our jewelry collection in a nice way, but also manifest the Endangered ideals. We found her. Her name is Minerva, a veterinary student and biodiversity ambassador. 


Hi Minerva,

Q: You are modeling the first ever Endangered photoshoot, how does it feel? 

A: Wow, what an honor! I am so grateful to model for a brand whose origin story I connect with! And I am grateful that I get the opportunity to push on the borders of my personal comfort zone by being in front of the camera. It is not my natural habitat, so to speak. 

Q: Tell me about your love for animals. 

A: It is difficult to put into words because it is a love that is so many things. It is a love that is familiar and caring - I spend every day with several dogs that I cherish. It is a love that is technical and dedicated - I study to become a vet; animal anatomy, physiology, pathology and behavior is fascinating to me. It is a love that is extraordinary and breathtaking - it blows my mind how this variety of species even exist, how we bond with them in the manner we do, how we are so different but have so much in common. But perhaps most of all it is a love that is grateful - damn, the world would be a barren place without them. 

Q: It’s so awesome you are studying to become a vet. How did you end up on that path? 

A: I think at the end of the day it comes down to a longing to help others, to be of service, to ease suffering. Of course, that can manifest in many different ways in life but for me, being that I am curious about both medicine and a variety of animal species, studying veterinary medicine became my path of choice. 

Q: Is there any endangered animal that you are especially keen on saving? 

A: No. For me, it is the diversity of species that is especially important to save. Every species represents millennia of evolution that is irreplaceable. They all have an equal, inherent value. Each have one or several functions within an ecosystem, in current or future conditions, some of which we might not even be aware of yet. Who am I to put one above the other?

Word. Thanks for the chat.


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