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For Stockholm Fashion Week 2020 Endangered made its debut with a video and images on the theme: Compassion in a wasted land. The ambition is to show the compassion existing amongst humans and the deep connection we have to each other. However, we seem to have lost our connection to earth and the living nature. We tend to live like there are endless resources and forget how harmful our behaviors can be to the wildlife around us.


Compassion in a Wasted Land
By Charlotte C. Manning
We tell ourselves:
Carry the weight of the world on your shoulders” much like those before us -
Those who tiptoed across crumbled grounds with bare feet and bad postures

One with the soil; In love with the wind.

We encourage the child to:
“Shoot for the Stars“

But we don’t teach the compassionate child how to shoot for something you cannot see through
Smaug and systematic denial.
We commit to:
“Love our neighbor as our self”
And in the righteous practice of self-love, we forget...
That the world’s weight is our burden to carry - A burning burden birthed by the words, the actions,
the waste and the will of our momentary inhabitants.
We forget that our aching shoulders are held in place by the ribs in our cage, lifted to new heights by the bones in our legs, and planted, safely -
Atop the arches of our naked feet, Atop ground,
atop earth,
atop the mother
we call home.
We are roots,
Existing for the most earthly things - To nurture.
To grow.
To connect.
To sustain.
To leave no trace.
To choose compassion
in a wasted land
Is to shoot for the stars, fallen;
To love your neighbor as
those before us were in love with the wind;
To insist on carrying the weight of o ur world
atop your shoulders -
Not yet endangered.

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