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The hawksbill sea turtle is a Critically Endangered sea turtle, categorized by the IUCN red list.  They are the living representatives of a group of reptiles that has existed on Earth for the last 100 million years. They are a fundamental link in marine ecosystems and help maintain the health of coral reefs and sea grass beds. Their natural habitats are found predominantly in tropical reefs of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Like other sea turtles, hawksbills are threatened by the loss of nesting and feeding habitats, excessive egg collection, fishery-related mortality, pollution, and coastal development. However, they are most threatened by wildlife trade.

Oil & gas drilling
Fishing & harvesting aquatic resources
Destruction of nesting habitat
Slaughter for meat
Egg collection

Conservation actions:
Protected Areas
Public Awareness
Legislation and Enforcement

Source: IUCN Red List


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