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The start of Endangered is rooted in my lifelong fascination for wild animals and an idea that took shape during a five month trip to Southeast Asia.  

Many things happened to me during that journey. Not only was I given time to reflect on my values and forces, but I got to visit places in the world where wild animals live in their natural environment. To experience them at such close distance was among the most powerful I have ever experienced. To then become aware of the threats they live with because of human influence was so painful for me.

I have visited reserves for hunted rhinos, turtle hatcheries protected by the local guerrilla and nursery centers for injured orangutans. When staying at the National Geographic Eco Lodge and preservation center in Borneo's rainforest I learned that Orangutans in the natural habitat of Borneos and Sumatra rainforests has been almost completely demolished due to commercial agriculture, body parts trading and hunting. It is estimated that by 2025, almost 90% of the population, surveyed in the 1970s, will be extinct.

There are few things that make me more upset than when innocent gets hurt, especially animals. So I had to do something about it.

In Bali, I came across a small workshop studio that makes gold and silver forging from recycled metals. After all, I have worked with silversmithing for five years, so I thought I would combine an interest with a cause - and that was the start of Endangered jewelry.

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