Cheetah chunky necklace

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Cheetah chunky necklace
Cheetah chunky necklace

There are estimated to be only 6600 cheetahs left in the wild, and their future remains uncertain. Cheetahs are frequently killed by farmers cause to livestock and affected by loss of prey from human hunting. In some parts of Afrika, Cheetahs are hunted for their skins and traded illegally causing a significant loss in recent years. 

Read more about threats & conservation.

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20 % of the full price will be donated to Cheetah Outreach in South Africa

Product details
Handmade silver chain and 18 k gold plate charm
Charms ranging in length from 1 - 1,2 cm.

Chain length 40 cm + 3 cm extension
Weight XX

Every piece of ENDANGERED jewelry is ethically handmade in partially recycled sterling silver by artisans in Celuk, Bali. Free shipping in Sweden.

Cheetah chunky necklace
Cheetah chunky necklace